Our services

Real estate and housing law

No matter if you buy/sell the property or rent. I advise you in forming contracts. Especially because of the extensive jurisdiction in tenancy law and the numerous laws in leases a lawyer is indispensable. When buying a property I advise you already in the tender stage, set up the contract and ensure that the change of ownership is entered in the land register.
Also other questions around the flat property (condominium property law) belong to my core competences, also the justification of condominium property. As I am on good terms with courts also in this area I hold an important key to quick achievements.

Compensation and warranty

Not everything that glitters is gold. If a purchased item does not live up to what was promised or what you could expect, warranty claims must be asserted. But as well in other matters, you can claim compensation for damage suffered. Again, out-of-court solutions are sought. Sometimes, however, only court remains.

Collection and execution law

The reason why owed money is kept from you can have different reasons. I take over the representation for you before civil courts and arrange the recovery of your demands. This both in individual cases or a plurality of claims. Even if you have a large number of debtors, I can use the special lawyer's software to design a suitable debt collection system for you so you can make use of the different executions to get your money.

Company and corporate law

A company´s form can have various legal designs. As a sole proprietorship, as a partnership or as a corporation. I advise you on the question, which form is most suitable for you and make your founding file up to the registration in the commercial register. Also reorganizations, company purchase contracts etc. will be done by me.

Traffic law

Within a blink an accident may occur when you least expect so. Once the first shock has been overcome and your relief is big that not (more) has happened, it means to get the damage replaced or warding off unjustified claims. Ideally, out-of-court solutions for damages and pain compensation can be obtained. However, if the other side is unreasonable, the course to court will not be spared.

Criminal Law and Administrative Criminal Law

To need a criminal lawyer can have various reasons. I take over your representation for minor offenses and administrative offenses but also in extensive criminal matters.